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Season 2017

My beginning in 3x3 world

I used to play basketball professionally, but due to my obligations in college, I decided to play basketball just for fun. During the summer, a tournament was organized in my city and the surrounding cities, where I participated whenever I had the opportunity. In 2017, I decided to create a team for 3×3 basketball with friends I played basketball with, and I entered the world of 3×3 basketball. In the beginning we were helped by the sponsor Extra Auto Vrbas, after which we named the team. The first tournament we participated in was 3×3 Obrenovac, where we lost against Novi Sad in the semifinals and finished third. This is followed by a series of good tournaments.

Due to injuries and the departure of players from my team to play professional 5 to 5 basketball, we skipped several tournaments. In September, an invitation to join the Intergalactic team followed. I am moving to Intergalactic and by the end of the year we are winning all the tournaments we have participated in.

Played Tournaments
🏆 1st place
🥈 2nd place
🥉 3rd place

Team Award:

Winner of national championship Croatia - Zagreb Masters pobjednika

3x3 Zagreb Masters pobjednika Croatia

Individual Awards:

MVP(Most Valuable Player) - Kosice (Slovakia)

Petar Perunovic MVP 3x3 Kosice

MVP(Most Valuable Player) - Belisce (Croatia)

Petar Perunovic MVP Belisce Croatia

Extra Auto Vrbas

April 1, 2017​
Extra Auto Vrbas 3x3 Obrenovac Open Serbia

3x3 Obrenovac Open(Serbia) - 3rd place

Extra Auto Vrbas Samorin Slovakia

Šamorín x-bionic® sphere(Slovakia) - 2nd place

May 6, 2017
May 14, 2017
Extra Auto Vrbas Kosice 3x3 Slovakia

Košice (Slovakia) - 1st place

Extra Auto Vrbas 3x3 Basket Tour Osijek Croatia

Basket Tour Osijek(Croatia) - 1st place

June 3, 2017
June 25, 2017
3x3 Lazarevac Serbia

3x3 Lazarevac(Serbia) - 3rd place

3x3 Belišće 2017 Croatia

3x3 Belišće 2017(Croatia) - 1st place

June 29, 2017
July 7, 2017
3x3 Ratkovo Serbia Extra Auto Vrbas

3x3 Ratkovo(Serbia) - 2nd place

3x3 Novi Sad Serbia Extra Auto Vrbas

3x3 Novi Sad(Serbia) - 3rd place

July 9, 2017
July 15, 2017
Prague International Streetball Cup 2017 Czech Republic

Prague International Streetball Cup 2017(Czech Republic) - 1st place

3x3 Sombor Serbia - Extra Auto Vrbas

3x3 Sombor(Serbia) - 2nd place

July 21, 2017

Transfer to Intergalactic

September 8, 2017
September 23, 2017
Craiova Streetball Romania

Craiova Streetball(Romania) - 1st place

3x3 Zagreb Masters pobjednika Croatia

Zagreb Masters pobjednika(Croatia) - 1st place

October 8, 2017
November 18, 2017
3x3 Constanta Romania

3x3 Constanta(Romania) - 1st place

3x3 Tensta Stockholm Sweden

Tensta(Sweden) - 1st place

December 2, 2017
December 9, 2017
3x3 Meda Park Winter Cup 2017 Romania

Meda Park Winter Cup 2017(Romania) - 1st place

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